New Hatmaker book teaches women to be “fierce,” not holy

She used to be a “Christian thought leader” in the bookstores, conference circuits and  even women’s group studies at churches.Women loved how “authentic” she was. Nothing fake in Jen. But like so many others who didn’t stick to Scripture as truth, Jen Hatmaker drifted away. (See links below) Unfortunately many professing Christians still adore her […]

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Why are we shocked?

Within the past few years a number of Christian celebrity leaders have announced that they are walking away from the faith. In recent days, the news of two men who are considered leaders have taken to Instagram to denounce their faith after many years of talking the talk. You may have seen the headlines and […]

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Five questions you should be asking Beth Moore

Ladies, the following five questions have been asked publicly to well-known women’s (and unfortunately men’s) Bible teacher Beth Moore, about her seemingly supportive stance with those who affirm homosexuality in the visible church. I have endorsed the following Open Letter to Beth Moore, originally published on my dear friend Michelle Lesley’s Discipleship for Christian Women […]

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Do you love the deceived?

Have you ever gotten caught in a drainage ditch? I know that’s a weird question. My husband and I recently went to great lengths – great FENCE links – to keep our dogs out of the muddy ditch that runs along the far side of our farm property. All sorts of interesting farm matter flows […]

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woman of prayer

Sufficiency of Scripture

Did you know that the Bible is all we need to equip us for a life of faith and service? It’s true! And in fact the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. Sadly, it’s a tenet that has long been under vicious attack from within our own […]

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Malachi: An introduction

Looking for a solid Bible study to do with your women’s small group? The Book of Malachi is the 39th book of the Bible, and last book of the Old Testament. It was written as an oracle: God’s very own breathed-out Word to Israel through the prophet named Malachi.In these four chapters, God makes it […]

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