Christian woman, how is your self esteem?

Self EsteemWoman, are you enough?  Are you awesome?

When that viral video, “Who You Are” went around a few years ago, I had friends who actually wept tears of joy over this, and shared it with their daughters. Good grief! We are not awesome, and we are NOT enough. But Christ is. See, when we take our eyes off Him and place them on ourselves we are sinning.

And by the way, did anyone bother to look behind the curtain this Jon Jorgenson guy who produced and starred in the video? I did. Stay with me. It’s not pretty, and it’s not biblical Christianity.

What does the Bible say about our self esteem? Quite a lot, but what God has to say might not be as sweet to our ears as today’s ego-tickling messages that massage our psyches! Our strength, our worth, our loveliness all comes from Christ and His redeeming work. The world, and even some in the visible Church, will tell us it’s really about us.

How should a Christian view self-esteem?

Here is the latest self esteem “you are awesome” message many Christian women are sharing with one another. Some truth plus much error:

And here is the same man sharing his vision for his self esteem “Revolution:”


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