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Malachi: An introduction

Looking for a solid Bible study to do with your women’s small group? The Book of Malachi is the 39th book of the Bible, and last book of the Old Testament. It was written as an oracle: God’s very own breathed-out Word to Israel through the prophet named Malachi.In these four chapters, God makes it […]

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What causes devotion to cults? Part I

Today we’re starting a two-day discussion on Cults.  You might think the idea of the “moonies” or the Jonestown incident is outdated. But there are cults today. How can we know what a cult is? Today and tomorrow we will share some characteristics common to all cults, and how you can spot them. In Segment […]

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Be encouraging!

Yesterday we looked at the harm our tongues can do in the areas of gossip and slander, but today we are looking at the good things that our words were intended to do: Praise God, share His Hope and be an encouragement to others. In Segment 2, we’re scooting up our chairs for our Bible […]

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Teaching what is good

What does in mean to have “sound doctrine?”  Isn’t doctrine something that divides?  Actually, yes, doctrine does divide, and Jesus was quite intentional about making sure we adhere to His Truth. We’ve been talking about the Titus 2 woman this week, and we start with the Titus 2 man, because we women it says, are to do likewise: […]

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Memorizing the Bible with Susan Heck

Why is scripture memorization so difficult? Is it important?  We’re going to show you some great tips for how you can do that in a moment with our guest, Susan Heck. It’s easier than you might think. Susan should know; she has 24 books of the Bible memorized. We’re also going to be talking about […]

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