Heresy Hunter is a pejorative for “troublemaker”


A friend of mine recently wondered if she should stand down on the whole contending thing, asking:

“Am I a heresy hunter for trying to point this out to others what is being taught in other churches? Should I just keep my mouth shut since it is not affecting my church?”

A heresy hunter?  One can only imagine how this dear lady was treated for sharing some of the dire warnings of the massive false doctrine leading the lambs astray in this age.  Yes, we must make sure all of our words are seasoned with truth and love. Let’s assume that she lovingly communicates her concerns about deception, and let’s assume that her heart’s motive is to inform her hearers so that they will not be deceived.

Ladies, if heresy is affecting true born-again believers, then it’s affecting her Church — and yours. We live in a time where there are multitudes of false teachings infecting the Bride of Christ, deceiving many. Can true Christians be deceived? Yes they can, or Jesus wouldn’t have warned us to be vigilant.

Keep contending! Do not be discouraged by those who would call you a heresy hunter, a Pharisee, a divider, or any other disparaging names people use for those who are contending for the truth.

Remember that true Pharisees were scolded by Jesus not for being doctrinally correct, but for having the wrong doctrine. They were false teachers. They were the true dividers. Church leaders must carefully and courageously correct false teaching, as it says in Titus 3:10 “As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him.”


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