James: An Introduction

Welcome to our study in the Book of James! Our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert will lead you through this incredible letter to the Church from Jesus’ half brother. Sometime between A.D. 45 and 50, James wrote to the Church of faithful followers of Jesus Christ, teaching them to not just learn, but do. He tells them (and us!), that we can’t be Christian and yet continue living in sin, showing no fruit of righteousness.

Read James, all 5 chapters. Make notes of anything that you have a question about or anything that strikes you. Ask God to help you to see what His word says, without you bringing your own suppositions or expectations to the text

Also, as we go through the study of James, see how your questions are answered and where you might need to dig deeper to find the answers.

Download the complete James Study Notes.

You may print these and use with your women’s Bible study, small group or home study.

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James: An Introduction
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