Day 8: We Are All Adulterers

Today you’ll be reading James 4:110.

As you spend time with God today, consider what might be the root cause of quarrels and strife in your life. Where are you refusing to submit to God’s will?
Where are you seeking to be friends with the world, making yourself an enemy of God? Where is your pride preventing you from submitting to God, especially if you clearly know what you should be doing? Ask God to reveal these things to you. Ask Him to help you to hate the sin you once loved, to submit to Him and resist the devil, to mourn over your sin and draw near to Him. Take comfort in these passages, knowing that, with God, there IS hope!

Read 1 John 1:8-10 and take heart knowing that, when we confess our sin, HE is faithful and just not only to forgive us, but to purify us from all unrighteousness. What a merciful God we serve!

Download the complete James Bible Study Notes. You may print these and use with your women’s Bible study, small group or home study.

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Day 8: We Are All Adulterers
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