Day 6: Uses and Misuses of the Tongue

Today you’ll be reading James 3:1-12.

Ladies, we all struggle to use our tongues in ways that honor God. What is God using His Word to convict you of today? Don’t justify it. Don’t try to explain why, for YOU, it’s not that big a deal when you swear or take the Lord’s name in vain or use your words to harm others. Repent and ask God to help rid your
vocabulary of all language that is dishonoring to Him. Thank Him for opening your eyes to the importance of your words and ask Him to help you to consider your words carefully, for His glory and for your sanctification. 

Download the complete James Bible Study Notes. You may print these and use with your women’s Bible study, small group or home study.

Naomi's Table, Amy Spreeman
Naomi's Table Bible Studies
Day 6: Uses and Misuses of the Tongue
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