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The Christian and Essential Oils?

A few months ago I discovered a small reddish patch on my wrist, and when it didn’t go away I asked a pharmacist to recommend something.  She did, but the anti-fungal ointment I purchased had no effect.  Recently a couple of friends gave me some tee tree oil, and also a vial of clove oil. […]

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The “Happy Meal” church

I am preparing to do a two-part program on Christian women and depression, and have been doing a lot of research into the causes and cures. In this preparation stage, I’ve met many wonderful women of God who not only have struggled with depression but who are coming out on the other side – only […]

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Feminism, modesty and the bikini

Is modesty about covering up our beauty, or about representing the dignity of who we are, made in His image and likeness? Rhetorical question, I know. But the world is telling our daughters that yes, our swimwear has to be itsy bitsy, giving the woman (or girl) who wears it some sort of feminine power. […]

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