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How to study the Bible for yourself

Spending time in God’s Word and discovering to discern truth for ourselves is the most important part of Naomi’s Table.  We encourage you to use the Bible Study podcasts and notes for your own personal study, or with girls, teens and women around your own table. Each Bible study teacher has her own style, but […]

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Sufficiency of Scripture

Did you know that the Bible is all we need to equip us for a life of faith and service? It’s true! And in fact the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. Sadly, it’s a tenet that has long been under vicious attack from within our own […]

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The Christian and Essential Oils?

A few months ago I discovered a small reddish patch on my wrist, and when it didn’t go away I asked a pharmacist to recommend something.  She did, but the anti-fungal ointment I purchased had no effect.  Recently a couple of friends gave me some tee tree oil, and also a vial of clove oil. […]

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Why did Jesus come? Here are 20 reasons

Many ask, “why did Jesus come to earth?” You might answer, “to save us from sin,” or, “to die on the cross.”  These are two great answers, but did you know that the Bible lists at least 20 more?  Scroll your mouse over these Scripture verses and read the many reasons He came. 1.  Jesus […]

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Battling Sadness?

The World Health Organization says that hundreds of millions of people suffer from depression. One in four women will struggle with depression during her lifetime. That means at least one woman in your Bible study, your neighborhood, your circle of friends—or maybe even you—will wrestle with the energy loss, poor concentration, altered appetite and sleep, […]

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Feminism: A Reversal of Biblical Standards

Via the Grace To You ministry: Feminism: A Reversal of Biblical Standards Monday, July 29, 2013  by John MacArthur Satan delights in wreaking havoc on the church. He twists the truth on every issue, creating doctrinal confusion wherever he can. He has been particularly successful in distorting the roles God has designed for men and […]

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