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What did Jesus command?

Jesus said that if we love Him, we will obey all that He commanded. (John 14:15) So what did Jesus command? He wasn’t talking about keeping the Old Testament Law, nor was He telling us we need to have a works-based salvation to get into Heaven, but as an act of obedience, love, and reverence […]

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Please don’t get soaked

Ladies, there is a prayer practice that is gaining momentum among Christians, and we need to talk about it at the Table.  It’s called the Soaking Prayer, and while it sounds like something Christians can practice safely, it is anything but safe. In fact, the Soaking Prayer practice contains spiritual elements that are not only […]

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Complementarian vs Egalitarian

Here at Naomi’s Table, we encourage and teach women to learn about and embrace a “Complementarian” view of biblical womanhood, versus an “Egalitarian” position. But what exactly do these words mean? The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has an excellent overview of these two opposing views of women’s roles. (And by the way, it’s […]

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