About Amy

Amy is a speaker and journalist. In her early career she was a television news reporter, anchor and producer, and spent several years in public relations. She was fortunate to be able to do corporate freelancing from home as she and her husband raised their two children. She has been a born-again Christian since 1999, after hearing the Gospel for the first time. Before that she was a church goer who thought she was a Christian but had never opened the Bible to learn who Jesus Christ really is. In other words, she was ignorantly deceived. That’s why she is so passionate today about helping others discern truth by knowing the Word of God.

Amy is the founder of Berean Research and Naomi’s Table, writes the Berean Examiner blog over at Pirate Christian Radio, and co-hosts the podcast, A Word Fitly Spoken. She began reporting about cults and counter cults in 2010 with the launch of the radio program Stand Up For The Truth in Green Bay, Wisc. In 2013, Naomi’s Table became an hour-long radio program for women. Since 2015, the Table has been a resource for Bible studies from the Old and New Testament.