“At The Table” Forum Guidelines

Before You Pull Up A Chair…

We hope you are excited about our safe, secure and private community we’ve created for Naomi’s Table.

We are blessed to have a growing community of women from around the world, and want to continue to provide a safe place to encourage and grow one another in our love for Christ and Scripture.

We are here to point each other to Jesus, and to readily share His Word in season and out of season. When I say “we,” I also mean you.  You not only have our permission, but are highly encouraged to biblically and lovingly reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.

Why? Because the Bible says we need it. Because we have an enemy who says we don’t.  In this generation we don’t often hear the words “reprove” and “rebuke” from our politically-correct friends, family or even our own home churches. These aren’t bad words – these are for our good!

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.”  2 Timothy 4 3-4

Let us not wander off, wise women,  but bring each other back to the Truth of God’s breathed-out Word.

Here at the Table, you are empowered to do that if you see any of us wander into the lies we often tell ourselves. or if we gossip. Or talk poorly of our husbands or anyone else. And if you are the one doing the wandering, we hope that you will welcome that little friendly nudge to bring you back.

Table Guidelines:

 1. Naomi’s Table G+ isn’t a “discernment ministry” per se.  While we do talk sometimes about unbiblical teachings and such at the Table, it is with the intent of pointing women TO the scriptural truth of God’s Word.

2. Some posts may be removed at the discretion of our Moderators.   You will notice that we will always try to steer conversations back to the Bible and keep these specific warnings or headlines in more of a big-picture sense without focusing there. The reason our moderator team will sometimes remove posts is not because we don’t like what you said! Even those posts I myself share on my other ministries, Berean Research and Berean Examiner, aren’t necessarily appropriate for Naomi’s Table. We will always attempt to take members aside privately to explain why posts are being removed.

3.  No gossip, slander or inappropriate posts allowed. Naturally we want to be intentional to make sure that the links and photos we share are beneficial, encouraging, truthful and pleasing to God, and do not contain inappropriate language or a derogatory tone.

4. We are adamant about protecting the safety of all of our members. We’re very careful about protecting the women in our group! Our  Moderators do examine your public social media profiles to make sure applicants are not stalkers – or men trying to gain access – and that you truly want to be here to seek the Lord through His Word.

Do you agree? We’d LOVE to have you!

Click YES, I AGREE on your application to request your seat! You will receive a notification from our forum moderators within a few days to confirm your spot.