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Six Signs of a False Conversion

How can we tell whether or not we are truly saved by the Holy Spirit? Many of us have at one time been “false converts,” believing that we were good to go when in fact we had not been regenerated at all. I was a false convert for a dozen years! Is that your story […]

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An open letter to my shacking-up friend

The following is a letter I wrote to a friend who confessed to me that she had allowed her fiance to move in with her and her 13-year-old daughter. As a Christian woman, she knew that this arrangement was wrong, but proceeded anyway, using economic hardship as an excuse. Her church is advising her to […]

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Just one bite

Our friend, Erin Benziger, recently captured a metaphor I’ve been thinking a lot about: It doesn’t take much for the irritation of sin to fester, grow and eclipse everything we think and do.  And so often it starts out without us even sensing that it is happening, until we “feel” that first itch. How some […]

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What causes devotion to cults? Part I

Today we’re starting a two-day discussion on Cults.  You might think the idea of the “moonies” or the Jonestown incident is outdated. But there are cults today. How can we know what a cult is? Today and tomorrow we will share some characteristics common to all cults, and how you can spot them. In Segment […]

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The Christian and Essential Oils?

A few months ago I discovered a small reddish patch on my wrist, and when it didn’t go away I asked a pharmacist to recommend something.  She did, but the anti-fungal ointment I purchased had no effect.  Recently a couple of friends gave me some tee tree oil, and also a vial of clove oil. […]

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