Felt needs

The “Felt Needs” Gospel

Have you ever fallen for a feel-good gospel that ministers to your ache for feeling special, or longing for admiration from a god who dances over you and thinks you’re the apple of his eye? What about sermon messages or books that help you look deeply into your past pains, or prayers that ask God […]

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Please don’t get soaked

Ladies, there is a prayer practice that is gaining momentum among Christians, and we need to talk about it at the Table.  It’s called the Soaking Prayer, and while it sounds like something Christians can practice safely, it is anything but safe. In fact, the Soaking Prayer practice contains spiritual elements that are not only […]

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What do we do with guilt?

It’s late at night and sleep isn’t coming. Instead, snippets of past sins – the obnoxious words, the stupid decisions, the things I didn’t do but should have – all those cringeworthy things that could fill volumes of books, begin to fill my brain. Stop! Guilt is more than an emotion. It’s a thief. A […]

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On capturing weak women

This morning I received a stern letter from a woman named Pam who was upset that I would dare to compare Scripture with the words of her favorite motivational speaker. “You will answer to God almighty for trying to pour evil into this world. I need say nothing God will bring you all to task […]

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If it’s gossip, let it go.

We all know what gossip sounds like when we hear it, and as wise women of God we should know how to shut it down it with a simple, “did you bring these matters to her privately?” But I am concerned that certain social media tools, Facebook in particular, has numbed many of us to […]

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How to Survive a Wimpy Women’s Ministry

This guest post by Kim Wine was published on Michelle Lesley’s excellent blog! Vanessa was excited to attend the weeknight women’s ministry event. A new friend had recently invited her to their annual women’s conference. Vanessa’s own church was extremely small and had no women’s ministry, so she was excited to attend an event that […]

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