Diminishing Sin: An Interview with Susan Heck

Our sin should bother us to the point of anxiety, so that we long to repent and “get right” with God. Does it seem to you that more and more professing sisters in Christ aren’t giving their sinful practices even a passing thought? Today we’re inviting Bible teacher Susan Heck back to the Table to discuss this disturbing trend.You may know Susan Heck from her With The Master ministry. She has been involved in Women’s Ministries for about 37 years, teaching Bible Studies, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Susan Heck

Susan Heck

She can also be heard weekly on the radio, Women With the Master, on Worldview Weekend. Susan is a certified counselor with the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. (www.nanc.org), and the author of With the Master Bible study series for ladies, A Call to Discipleship, as well as Putting-Off Life Dominating Sin,  A Call to Scripture Memory and Assurance: Twenty Tests for God’s Children. She has been married to her husband Doug Susan for nearly four decades!

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In Segment 2, pull up a chair for our Bible study as dive back into ROMANS with our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert.  Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu.

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