Why do women look to angels?

AngelsThese days you see a lot of angels. Not in visions, mind you, but in the cute things women buy, share, post on social media and even worship. Unfortunately, angel worship has become a phenomena in some Christian circles. Why are angels so popular? Should Christians be looking to angels for comfort and protection? We’re opening God’s Word to find out what He says. We’re also sharing some excellent articles by Marsha West, including: Are All Angels Safe? and, Unbiblical Ideas About Angels.

In Segment 2, we’re scooting up our chairs for our Bible study in 2 Samuel, with our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert. Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu.  If you’d like to join the table and connect with us, check out our FaceBook page! You can also send us an email at Connect@Naomistable.com. And ladies, if you head over to our website, you’ll find information on how to join women around the world at our Google+ Community Page, where we are making friends and talking about what the Bible has to say about the topics we cover here at the Table.

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