Loving in Triumph!

In Triumph

Have you ever wondered what happens to foster kids when they grow up and phase out of the system?

They face homelessness; many have drug addictions or crime records.

The good news:  Some are finding redemption and hope through a ministry called In Triumph, an organization that provides an answer for homeless teens that were never selected for adoption and for those young adults who have come to a “complete end” due to severe substance abuse or parental neglect. Today we meet one of the founders of In Triumph, Kelli Orta, who, along with her husband Pete, ministers those whom much the world might not find desirable: those older teens and adults who no longer qualify for foster care.

In Segment 2, we’re scooting up our chairs for our Bible study in I Samuel, with our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert. Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu. Tomorrow we will be introducing you to Samuel, a prophet whose life was incredibly significant!

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