Do you know if you are really saved?

Lori Williams with Nancy and Amy

Lori Williams with Nancy and Amy

If you’ve ever been part of a church that really doesn’t focus on teaching you about sin, God’s wrath, repentance, Christ crucified as an atonement for what we deserve, then you might be able to identify with today’s guest. Lori Williams and her husband Vincent both had church experiences when they were young, and as young adults they met each other while attending one of the largest mega-churches in the nation. They served, they taught, and did all the things Christians do within their church communities. The only problem was, Lori and Vince didn’t know that they were not saved. What happened? They never heard the truth about the full Gospel message. The couple now knows what true regeneration means, and they have a ministry and a book helping others examine themselves to see if they might be false converts.

We had the pleasure of meeting the couple and having Lori join us for an in-person recording session of Naomi’s Table! (You may know Lori as a moderator over on our Google+ Community Page.) Check out the amazing resources over at, and while you’re there you’ll want to read this excellent book, FALSIFIED: THE DANGER OF FALSE CONVERSION.

In Segment 2, we’re launching a brand new Bible study in I Samuel, and today you are going to get an overview with our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert. Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu. Tomorrow we will be introducing you to Samuel, a prophet whose life was incredibly significant!

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