The secularization of our children

kidIf you have children, you may want to invite them to listen in today. We’re talking about
a massive effort in our government, schools, entertainment and other programs designed
to secularize our next generation. Kids, “secularize” means to take God out of everything.

We’ve invited a guest who knows a lot about this to join us: Dr. Georgia Purdhom from Answers in Genesis.

In our second segment, we do our daily Bible study, and our teacher is Connie Stampfl will be at the table with our Lesson from the Gospel of Mark. We are recording these studies into separate 10-minute podcasts with notes that you can download to lead your own Women’s Bible studies – look for that at Naomi’s under the menu tab that says “Bible Studies.”

If you’d like to join the table and connect with us, email us at  You can also reach us via Twitter and our FaceBook page!

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