Biblical Womanhood from a Genesis perspective


Sadly, many women in today’s church don’t really know the Bible and aren’t interested in studying it deeply, and many Christian women’s conferences present a superficial understanding of Scripture (if Scripture is even used at all). So today we are going to talk about why it is so important to get a biblical understanding of who we are as His Daughters.

We’ve invited a woman who will share with us why it’s important to look at the entire Bible as God’s authoritative Word. And one of the places many women tend to ignore as truth is the Book of Genesis and the creation account. Dr. Georgia Purdhom from Answers in Genesis will be at the Table.

In our second segment, we do our daily Bible study, and our teacher is Connie Stampfl will be at the table with Lesson 7 in the Book of Mark. We are recording these studies into separate 10-minute podcasts with notes that you can download to lead your own Women’s Bible studies – look for that at Naomi’s under the menu tab that says “Bible Studies.”

If you’d like to join the table and connect with us, email us at  You can also reach us via Twitter and our FaceBook page! If you are feeling isolated or just want to meet others who are on this journey, why not check out our Google+ Community Page, where women from around the world meet to discuss Bible topics. (Sorry guys, that community is ladies only!)


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