The adoption option few talk about

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 3.09.05 PMToday we are talking about hope through adoption, and there are some incredible resources locally and around the world. (Check out Reece’s Rainbow and Love Basket, two orgs you may not have heard of.) We’ll also have part II of our interview with Kristine, a woman who serves at a pregnancy resource center that made the transition to a full-fledged medical clinic, and why the work is so important.

In our Bible study segment, we are learning together in Philippians! Our Bible study teacher Beth Seifert will be here at the Table with Lesson 3, titled, “His Will, Not My Own,” so be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu.

If you’d like to join the table and connect with us, check out our FaceBook page! You can also send us an email at And ladies, if you head over to our website, you’ll find information on how to join women around the world at our Google+ Community Page, where we are making friends and talking about what the Bible has to say about the topics we cover here at the Table.

Naomi’s Table is excited to help support a local non-profit organization called Mother and Unborn Baby Care, a Christ-centered volunteer-based group that helps women transition into motherhood and cares for both mom and baby! If you’d like to support this group during it’s Bowl For Life event October 20th (and sponsor Amy as she tries for strikes and spares!), click here.



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