Faith of our Mothers

A fun day with Mom

Moms. The older we get, the more precious they become to us. Even if you’ve had a mom-daughter relationship that has been strained, or even contentious, our moms do shape the women we become. And even as the Holy Spirit transforms the women we are to be, we often depend on our moms to guide us, until they come to depend on us to guide them.

In a few moments we’re going to invite a woman named Kitty to the table to talk about her mom. Kitty Foth-Regner’s mom passed away leaving Kitty devastated. You see Kitty’s mom was a Christian woman who prayed that someday her daughter would stop rejecting Christ and come to know Him as her Lord and Savior.  Kitty hated God, but her mom kept praying and kept talking about Jesus. Kitty wrote about her journey in a book titled, “Heaven Without Her: A Desperate Daughter’s Search for the Heart of Her Mother’s Faith.”

In our Bible study segment, Beth Seifert is here with our study in the Book of Ruth.  Today’s lesson is titled, “The Beginning of Hope.” It’s Lesson #6. Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu.

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