Serving God with Gifts


Today we’re talking about the gifts and passions we have and how God can use those to glorify Him. It’s so exciting to be able to minister for Him, and we don’t need to work in ministry to do that!

Some of you do that in unique and creative ways! We are going to have a guest with us at the table name Susan Baganz, and the way she ministers is by writing novels. Not just any fiction though; Susan’s characters talk about their faith in Christ and the truth of the Bible is intricately woven into their lives!  You can connect with Susan at her authors blog, SillyGoos.

In our Bible study segment, Sunny Shell is here teaching our Proverbs 31 Woman Bible study titled, “She Dresses herself With Strength.” It’s Lesson #7. Be sure to download the notes in our Bible study tab on the menu.

If you’d like to join the table and connect with us, you can do so on our FaceBook page, our email at, on our Google+ Community Page, or you can call and record a message at our new Naomi Line: 800-979-9010, extension 109.

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