Your prodigal child

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Whether you’re a mom, a grandma, an aunt or a friend, there is nothing more painful than learning that a child – your child – says, I’m sorry but I don’t believe what you believe. There are prodigal children in a growing number of Christian families, and we’re going to share some frightening statistics. We had a chance to sit down with one mom who knows the pain of a child who walks away from his Christian faith. Her name is Sunny Shell, and starting next week you are going to hear a lot more from Sunny, who happens to be our next Bible Study teacher as our study in 1 John comes to a close. For this interview, Sunny shares a very painful episode that many of you are experiencing right now: That of a prodigal son who has not returned home to his Christian faith. Yet.

Grab your Bible (or pull up an online version), and prepare to learn at the table with our Bible study teacher, Ruth Christian. She’s here with her lesson  Lesson #27 titled, “Freedom From Sin”  in 1 John 5, 16-19.

We’ve got the downloadable notes available here.

Sunny's letter from her son, Kevin

Sunny’s letter from her son, Kevin

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