The scars of promiscuity

Freshman college girls between classes. By sta...

Today we are following up on a powerful  segment we aired on Friday. We were talking about purity and we shared an article that featured interviews of 60 college students – women who attend Penn State – talking about why purity doesn’t matter in this age of hook-ups. Many of you shared your own experiences from your youth, and the lies you believed that we as women are free to have it all, including a promiscuous lifestyle.

In our Bible study segment today our Bible Study teacher Ruth Christian is here with Lesson 15, a topical study in  1 John 3:2 in her study titled, In God’s Family. Questions or comments? Email us at, or call 800-979-9010, extension 109 and leave a message for our on-air discussion! (Portions of your message may be used in future shows)

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