Woman, do not be deceived

419398_370307686383996_128894755_nToday we are talking about how to discern the spirits, and how to tell true from false. We’re going to be joined at the table in just a moment by Johanna Michaelsen. Johanna was once a practicing occultist, but by God’s grace she came out of a system of sorcery, and was born again of the Holy Spirit. She’s going to be here with four basic ways in the Bible that you can discern for yourself whether what someone is teaching is true, or almost true. Johanna writes about these plus her testimony in coming out of the occult in her book, The Beautiful Side of Evil. Here is her testimony. It’s amazing!

373795_190149144399852_1822671355_nPlus, our Bible study teacher, Ruth Christian shows us some warnings for the early Church in 1 John 2:24-27    in her study titled, The  Spirit of Truth. Questions or comments? Email us at connect@naomistable.com, or call 800-979-9010, extension 109 and leave a message for our on-air discussion! (Portions of your message may be used in future shows)

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