Taking back our kids

Kate And Ruth And Sam

Today we are talking about how the world is affecting our children – our next generation. They are being influenced by so many messages that are not of God. And because of the confusing messages they receive, there is a good chance that the influence of the world can have a bigger impact on them than the influence we as moms and grandmoms can have.

We’re also going to meet Cindy Abraham, a mom who homeschools her kids and has some thoughts on how she and her husband have become the influence and the example. Check out the Abraham’s ministry at Living Oasis.


pnkPlus, our Bible study teacher, Ruth Christian has Lesson 11 in her topical study titled, The Word of Opposition. We’ve got the notes on our study page.  Questions or comments? Email us at connect@naomistable.com, or call 800-979-9010, extension 109 and leave a message for our on-air discussion! (Portions of your message may be used in future shows)

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