Fishing for women

Trisha_Ramos2How can we share the Gospel with those who don’t know Jesus? Joining us today at Naomi’s Table, Trish Ramos, of “Fish With Trish!” Her work with Ray Comfort’s Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master ministries and Todd Friel’s Wretched Radio program has equipped many people around the world with some unique and fun ways to approach people in all sorts of situations.

Check out her Fish With Trish website to get some great ideas for sharing your faith!

pnkPlus, our Bible study teacher, Ruth Christian has Lesson 10 covering 1 John 2:15-17 in her study titled, The Love God Hates. Questions or comments? Email us at, or call 800-979-9010, extension 109 and leave a message for our on-air discussion! (Portions of your message may be used in future shows)

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